Mindy Simon's music Studio

About Mindy

I switched from piano to violin in the third grade after attending my brother’s end-of-camp recital at which a violinist played. I informed my mother that I wanted to play that instrument instead. I immediately started private lessons and began playing in any school or community orchestras available. Music was a huge part of my life all the way through high school.


My mother had a degree in music education and not wanting to follow exactly in her footsteps, I decided not to pursue a degree in music. However, I was extremely fortunate to obtain a music scholarship to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ which did not require a music degree. It did require quite a bit of involvement in the music department, which I probably would have wanted to do anyway.


I played in the university symphony as well as the community symphony, various small ensembles, and took numerous music classes. I also was very fortunate to have chosen a university that happened to have a wonderful long term Suzuki teacher trainer, Louise Scott, in residence. I immediately became involved in the Suzuki teacher training program and started teaching young students. It was one of the most fulfilling aspects of my college education.


Since college I have played with many different ensembles including the Boulder Philharmonic, Sea Strings Quartet, Porthole Players, Red Octopus, and several other pit orchestras. I have taught privately on and off and have attended several Suzuki Summer Institutes and studied with some of the premier Suzuki Masters such as William Starr and Judy Weigert Bossaut. Dr. Suzuki’s philosophies and beliefs continue to inspire and challenge me in my musical life as well as my personal life. He was an amazing man with an amazing legacy of love and respect for all. My hope, through teaching violin, is to pass on some small piece of that legacy.


Thank you for giving me this opportunity and including me in your family’s musical education!